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Full Year Membership
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  • – NBTHK Japan
  • – NBTHK-AB
  • – All Zoom Meeting
  • – Access to NBTHK-AB Member pages
  • -See FAQs below for benefits
Reciprocal Memberships
Not available currently.
  • – Access to Member pages until March 2023

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Step 1:

To join the American Branch of the NBTHK, just download the application or contact Richard Mantegani at

American Branch of the NBTHK

C/O R. Mantegani

448 Ignacio Blvd #156

Novato, California 94949

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While we are still testing the on-line account access for our new Website. The payments processes are still manual. IF you would like to pay via PayPal please, please use the following account:

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NBTHK-AB Full Membership

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the benefits of a Full Year membership?

Why Join the NBTHK-AB?

In one word……Education

The benefits of the American Branch membership are identical those received through the Main Branch in Tokyo, and our mission is to educate people about Japanese swords (Nihonto). These educational benefits include:

  1. You are enrolled with the NBTHK – Tokyo and receive all of the same benefits as members with the Main organization
  2. Monthly issues of the Token Bijutsu (The Journal of Japanese Art Swords)
  3. English translations of portions of the Token Bijutsu each month
  4. Translated articles and related materials on Kodogu twice yearly
  5. Discounts on Branch publications and semi-annual newsletters pertaining to Branch activities
  6. Reduced fees for submission of items for judgment and documentation of authenticity
  7. NBTHK Convention in Japan every few years (additional fee applies to all)
  8. Admission to the sword and Kodogu lectures and Kantei (sword judging) sessions conducted at the Tampa, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, and San Francisco Sword Shows.
  9. The opportunity to view, and study in hand, examples of fine works from every period of Japanese Sword history.
  10. In addition, these conventions offer a superior method of education that no two-dimensional image can ever provide.
  11. Access to Member-only pages on NBTHK-AB Website
  12. Access to all NBTHK-AB Zoom Meetings at no additional charge
Do you prorate membership if I join partway thru the year?

The American NBTHK Branch now offers a prorated membership to any new members who are joining the American NBTHK Branch later in the calendar year. Please note that the Japanese fiscal calendar year for your membership actually runs from April 1st to April 1st of the following year. As per the wishes of the NBTHK, the prorated and adjusted rates for new members joining the NBTHK American Branch are as follows:

  1. Joining January 1st to March 31st: The fee is $250.00. By joining during this period, your paid dues will be held and applied to the next full year of membership beginning on April 1st.
  2. Joining April 1st to June 30th: The membership fee is $250.00.
  3. Joining from July 1st to September 30th: The fee is $187.50.
  4. Joining from October 1st to December 31st: The fee is $125.00.
What is the Fiscal Year

Please note that the Japanese fiscal calendar year for your membership actually runs from April 1st to April 1st of the following year. We collect annual dues in Q1 of the US calendar year, however this will apply to your membership from April 1st to March 31st of the following calendar.

What are Payment options?

Payment by check will be $250 and mailed to NBTHK-AB as stated above.

To Renew by Credit Card, we offer the convenience of paypal. This payment option will allow you to use a credit card to pay your annual dues via the internet. Please note that when using this option, your annual dues will be $260.00, which includes a $10.00 service fee.

PayPal account:

$260 ( $250 membership dues and $10 processing fee )

I currently have a membership with NBTHK in Japan, can I join the American Branch?

If you have a current membership with Japan NBTHK, all you must do is pay the difference to be able to have access to the translations and events here in the United States. Please include your membership # and a letter stating that you are a current member of the NBTHK in Japan. You will continue to receive all the same benefits including the magazine “Token Bijutsu” along with the translations that follow. Members will also have first chance at any publications offered by/to the American Branch, including special articles