Monthly Sword Journals


Shijo Kantei NBTHK- Main – Tokyo

NBTHK Main Branch

NBTHK Main Branch offers an monthly kantei for members with a mail-in or posting below. The oshigata for kantei is in the current monthly membership magazine Token Bijutsu.

Email form to submit NBTHK Tokyo Kantei answers

NBTHK-AB Zoom session kantei


NBTHK-AB offers a slightly different format. Members of the NBTHK-AB will be offered a Zoom meeting, which are currently comprised of 2 sword kantei and a fittings presentation

These kantei sessions will be featured in Shijo format showing an oshigata and a photo of the bales with characteristics list in text. There will some time given to member who had previously signed up for the Zoom meetings to preview and research.

These meetings will be announced through the blog posts on this site. Members have to signed up to attend these meetings so that we can manage the Zoom process.

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